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WeatherVane Supple Tyres make YOU a Happier, Healthier, Successful Person

Have you wondered why some sixty-year-olds look and feel like forty-year-olds and why some forty-year-olds look and feel like sixty-year-olds?

Typical WeatherVane Supple Tyre purchaser enjoying the benefits of Supple Tyres

While many factors contribute to aging and illness, Dr. Gram Pettifogg discovered a biological indicator called telomerase, the enzyme that replenishes telomeres, which protect our genetic heritage and is found in huge quantities in WeatherVane Supple Tyres! Dr. Pettifogg’s and Dr. Jayne Hiney’s research shows that the length and health of one’s telomeres are a biological underpinning of the long-hypothesized Tyre-mind-body connection that is incredibly enhanced by purchasing and possibly even using WeatherVane Supple Tyres.

They and other scientists have found that changes we can make to our daily purchasing habits can protect our telomeres and increase our health spans (the number of years we remain healthy, active, and disease-free).

Purchase WeatherVane Supple Tyres and secure your future, TODAY!

THE WeatherVane Supple Tyre/TELOMERE EFFECT reveals how Pettifogg and Hiney’s findings, together with research from intrepid cycling colleagues around the world, cumulatively show that sleep quality, exercise, aspects of diet, and even certain beneficial chemicals that profoundly affect our enjoyment of cycling are found in huge quantities in WeatherVane Supple Tyres!  

Don’t ride stiff slow tires that contribute to chronic stress, negative thoughts, strained relationships, and randonnee elapsed times that are above the 50% percentile in your club, save yourself from dispassionate mediocrity by purchasing WeatherVane Supple Tyres today!  

Drawing from this scientific body of knowledge, Dr. Pettifogg’s and Dr. Jayne Hiney’s research provides lists of foods and suggest amounts and types of exercise that are healthy, mind tricks you can use to protect yourself from stress, and information about how to protect your children against developing poor cycling habits, from pregnancy through adolescence. Dr. Pettifogg’s and Dr. Jayne Hiney’s research describe how we can improve our health spans at the community level, with neighborhoods characterized by trust, green spaces, and safe streets, all in one simple WeatherVane Supple Tyre Purchase!

THE WeatherVane Supple Tyre/TELOMERE EFFECT will make you reassess how you live your life on a day-to-day basis.

WeatherVane Supple Tyres are the first tyres with the gumption to explain how we age at a cellular level and how we can make simple tyre changes that will keep our chromosomes and cells healthy, allowing us to stay disease-free longer and live more vital and meaningful lives.

Purchase WeatherVane Supple Tyres and secure your future, TODAY!

Purchase WeatherVane Supple Tyres in our webstore, today!


Advertorial: Weathervane Supple Tires

make em salivate with your home made goodness!

WeatherVane tires, the tire that says SUPPLE in all caps!

As an intellectual vibration smack dab in the middle of spectrum, supple tires can be a problem. That’s because there’s so many different supple tires inside of supple tires and each one has a different IQ. There’s the supple tire that should never have happened:
The “stupid supple tire.”
The supple tire that is “supple with envy.”
Then there’s the “so-so supple tire,” the “who-cares-anyway?” supple tire

But somewhere in Supple tires there is a suppleness here and there that has something to say:

A truly intelligent supple tire, a supple tire with some integrity – WeatherVane Supple Tires!

WeatherVane Supple Tires are the kind of supple tires for you and me, just regular folks that like to ride bikes.
There’s a WeatherVane Supple Tire to be seen with: vivid, vibrant, living alive!
We should spend the better part of our time, yours and mine, with a WeatherVane Supple Tire like such as this. Maybe some of the integrity of WeatherVane Supple Tires would rub off on the rest of the cycling world – do your duty to cycling culture today!

Purchase WeatherVane supple tires, the tires with integrity and that special, spirited something TODAY!

available in the CRC webstore along with supple tire sauce

Cup of Noodles Linked to Randonneur Obesity



Researchers have noted the first signs of obesity in a randonneuring club of the san francisco bay region — located in an autonomous district (the bubble) that sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in central California. According to local experts, obesity has not previously existed in these randonneuring clubs, but the first cases are now being reported and have been definitively linked to the clubs providing instant noodles at the end of randonnees. Randonneurs have long thought that they were getting chubby because of having a beer at the end of a ride.

But that appears to be false wisdom, as researchers note the increasing uptake of chemically processed foods, such as instant noodles and pasta, and the addition of sugar, pastry, and bread to randonnee finish control snack selections. According to researchers, these changes — which have only been occurring over the past few years — have seen the intake of carrot sticks and fig newtons cut by half.

A cup of noodles is a great thing, but really, one should only have one after a big ride, like a populaire or something, a RUSA spokesperson explained.

The safeway checkout person and security guard had no comment for CRC investigative reporters.

Stay tuned for further updates and allegations as we delve further into this distressing emergency.

Encounter with the man in the blue sweater

I heard him before I saw him. It was one of those idyllic northwest days, the morning clouds and dew illumined by bright clear sunlight transforming the moisture to glistening jewels amid vibrant green foliage. Charged with the frisson of the moment I was soon wincing in pain from the sound of what at first I believed to be children on a swingset where the seats are hung with rusty chains, for the sound was a recurring ‘reet, reet, reet’ in a cyclical fashion.

Rounding the bend on NW 123rd I discovered the source of the sound. It was an older gentleman wearing a blue sweater and grey capri pants following two younger fellows on cycles. It seemed the older fellow was trying to take their picture.

‘Show more enthusiasm!’ the fellow in blue shouted in a teutonic accent. The taller of the two youngsters shouted back: ‘Can’t we stop and eat something! I am gonna collapse here in a second unless I chew on something. We can just lay our bikes in the road for the photo shoot. That always works for me on Instagram!’ The other youngster with long black hair and a beard sort of cringed and kept pedaling.

youngsters – put that fone down young man! – image swiped from the web without asking

As I pulled alongside the fellow in blue, I offered him some chain lube that I always carry in this damp northwest clime. ‘Chain lube! He retorted. Everyone knows a five speed cycle needs no chain lube – the chain line is so perfect no lube is necessary. Now please excuse me I am working. I will give you my autograph later.’

I thanked the fellow in blue for his offer of an autograph, but declined. He then went on to state that how could I ride a steel bike with fenders and not know him, and love him, he who single handedly revived randonneuring in the U.S. I asked him who he might be, SIR, since I have never seen him at any of the randonneuring events at my club, the local regional northwest randonneuring club. He gave me a look of disgust and directed his two youngsters to turn around and come back again for a re-shoot of the moment I had ruined for him.

Shrugging off this strange encounter I continued on to the coffee shop, parked my bike and went in for a northwest standard half-caff double shot full fat soy milk extravaganza with a heart on top and some artisanal cookies so I could update my daily journal.

Journal updated, it was time to leave and pulling on my flannel shirt I went back to my bike to find the lock had been cut and my bike had been propped up on the side of the building. The fellow in blue was taking pictures of the youngster’s bikes in the bike rack with the two youngsters standing behind him looking at their phones. WTF! I asked the fellow, and he just brushed me off with ‘This is an important photo shoot, please step aside. Here’s a couple extra poufy tires and a light mount to reimburse you for the lock.’

where’s my bike?!? – image swiped from the web without asking

I accepted the tires and the strangely twisted piece of sheet metal with resignation, as I knew the police, if I were to call them, would only want to know what was it I did to make the fellow in blue cut my lock.

Such was my encounter with the man in blue.

Natural ways to increase your supple tire size at home

If you’re one of the millions of cyclists out there who want to learn how to increase supple tire size naturally then you’re going to really enjoy what you learn today.

this before and after shot is pretty impressive, isn't it? VaavaaVOOM!

this before and after shot is pretty impressive, isn’t it? VaavaaVOOM!

First off….

Don’t wait for your supple tires to be bigger in order for you to feel good about yourself and be happy. You can be happy and feel good about yourself right now!

This is so important because if you don’t work on feeling good no matter what you try to do to increase your supple tire size (especially natural supple tire enlargement methods) you’ll give up when your mood begins to drop again.

You’ll think to yourself “what’s the point” and just stop everything when you really should be sticking to it.

There is nothing wrong with having small supple tires. But if you find them too small for your cycling needs then forget what anyone else tries to tell you and do what you feel is best for you.

Why Are Your Supple Tires Small?

There are a few main reasons why your supple tires aren’t as big as you would like them. One of these reasons is because your tire might be suffering from some kind of genetic disorder.

Another possible reason some tires have underdeveloped supple tires is due to some kind of hormonal complication during ‘puberty’ – ‘puberty’ is supple tire industry speak for the curing time required after a supple tire is removed from the mold. If your supple tire is suffering from a hormonal problem it’s best to seek the advice of a pneumocological endocrinologist, who specializes in hormonal problems of supple tires.

Supple Tire Sauce

Supple Tire Sauce is the quickest way to plump up and perk up your sagging little supple tires. Ask your bike shop about Supple Tire Sauce today! Supple Tire Sauce can be used both internally and externally to make your tires enlarge. Well used tires gain the most from vigorous massage.

Increase the tire pressure

Sure, the current wisdom is to lower your pressure to gain a little speed, but that does nothing for the size of your tire. While we at CRC don’t recommend it, surpassing the maximum recommended pressure on your tire sidewall will get the maximum benefit – be careful out there and wear earplugs.

Use a padded or push-up inner tube.

A good padded inner tube can add noticeable volume to your supple tire while also making your supple tires look perkier. Push-up innertubes, on the other hand, can add lots of “lift” to your supple tires, giving the appearance of a larger, fuller supple tire. Using these types of innertubes is a great quick-fix for the supple tire fancier on a budget.

Though some sources may recommend it, in general, it’s a bad idea to install multiple innertubes, regardless of the type of innertubes being used. Though this can make your supple tires look a little bigger if it’s applied to correctly, it can be awfully uncomfortable and will probably have you spending lots of time adjusting yourself throughout the day.

Consider supple tire-enlarging herbs.

A wide selection of herbs and plant supplements purported to cause supple tire growth are available for sale both online and at natural healing stores. Though some cyclists swear by these natural medicines, none have been scientifically proven to be as effective as traditional “Western” cures and should be regarded with a healthy degree of skepticism. Additionally, certain naturopathic herbs can cause potentially serious complications in supple tires who are taking certain medications (especially tread thinners), so you’ll always want to talk to a professional mechanic before beginning a course of herbal supplements. Some herbs that allegedly encourage supple tire growth are:

  •     Saw palmetto
  •     Fennel
  •     Kava
  •     Wild yam
  •     Chaste tree berry
  •     Black cohosh
  •     Fenugreek
  •     Pueraria Mirifica

So remember folks, supple tire enlargement does not have to require surgery or silicon implants for you to enjoy some hard earned confidence and admiring glances. Get your supple tires plumped naturally and safely and get ready to fend off all the unwanted advances!

10,000 bottles of Supple Tire Special Sauce to be given away this Wednesday

It’s a big week for supple tire lovers.

To celebrate the release of two new versions to add to its iconic line of rebranded supple tires manufactured by Panaracer, boutique supple tire purveyor WeatherVane is giving away 10,000 bottles of its signature Supple tire Special Sauce this Wednesday.

Though many have claimed the creamy condiment is nothing more than latex tire dressing, WeatherVane insists its supple tire sauce is truly something special.


“The supple tire sauce is unique to WeatherVane and includes a classic combination of ingredients. The sauce remains timeless and customers around the world continue to enjoy its signature taste.” WeatherVane spokeswoman Janet Hines said in an emailed statement.

WeatherVane has never sold the sauce in the U.S. and the giveaway will be on a first-come-first serve basis at participating bike shops and coffee houses — which will be announced Wednesday.

Lines of eager supple tire fans are expected to line up around the block in locations to receive their bottle of supple tire special sauce, and others expect to pay premium prices on EBay.

To snag a free bottle, customers must say the code phrase “There’s a Supple tire for that.” WeatherVane also says it will be offering a special bottle number 10,001, to be auctioned off on Friday to benefit the RUSA search for a logo they are not embarrassed of.

WeatherVane introduced the notion of supple tire sauce in 2008 but it wasn’t until 2015 that the unique condiment got to be accepted by main stream cyclists and is now considered essential for all bicycle riding from commuting to world tours, from tricycles to tandems.


The double-decker line of supple tires in all sizes hasn’t changed much in nearly 5 years but starting this week, WeatherVane began offering two different sized variations of the classic supple tire nationwide.

A larger version of the classic line of supple tires in all sizes called the “Grande Poof” features two larger casings—totaling a third of a pound of meaty tread—plus more bounce and more sauce all piled onto a sizeabley larger casing. The smaller version, “Le Petit Poof” is a 20”  tire for mini velos  with the usual supple tire toppings.

WeatherVane spokeswoman Janet Hines asked that people be civil while waiting in line and to not chew gum loudly or pick their nose while looking their phones. “The lines will be long and people will get bored, but please show some manners.” pleaded Hines.

Stay tuned to CRC twitter, facebook and friendster for the latest updates on this important occasion.