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Randonneur-Poet Park(ing) Day this Friday the 20th

Randonneur-Poet Gazette will be parking the editorial keester outside fourbarrel on Valencia and participating in Park(ing) Day. Poetry will be recited, randonneuse will be polished by retro-bikini clad babes, and hot posset will be made ready and made hot.

Just look for the unwashed fellow sporting a beard, pendleton, and loud brownies. That’ll be us.


Percephone T. Crockaphone, Jock Hooey (+1), F. N. Lance, Nina, Brock, and Robert Pineapple


Bearded Ladies & Tweed

Announcing an RPG explosive exclusive…

The First Annual Bearded Ladies Tweed Ride!

BEARDED LADIES!  (And gentlemen, too).  It is time to wipe down your saddle, buff-up your bottom bracket and wax your handlebar mustache.  Come join in RPG’s First Annual Bearded Ladies Tweed Ride!

The inaugural event will be led by none other than Madame Delait, herself, traveling all the way from Thaon-les-Vosges, Lorraine where she is an active member of the Thaonnais cycle club.


The purpose of the RPG Tweed Ride is of course to restore style and panache to the pursuit of randonneuring which has in recent years fallen prey to an unpleasant, sweat-stained vulgarity, so much so that many randonneurs nowadays have dispensed with stopping for tea and cake.

Naturally the spirit of the event is ‘Tweed’.  The watchwords are elegance and dignity though of course conviviality and jollity ought to play a big part in the proceedings.

All effort is made to devise a route to avoid petticoat-wrinkling perspiration, undignified gasping and heart-imperilling exertion!

The basic route is a circular run covering 120 miles without distressing effort, mostly level with some thrilling downhill stretches.  It involves ocean and bay views, splendid parks, an opportunity for a picnic and calls at places of refreshment.

The aim is an enjoyable jaunt awheel and participants are encouraged to bring such vital equipment as hip flasks, parasols and sal volatile!  Some hard-boiled eggs and a pork pie tied up in a red spotted handkerchief are always a good idea as is a pocket filled with ginger biscuits.

Madame delait-

The outing starts at the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero at 11am on Sunday 17th July, 1897 from where we will board the Ferry-Steamer Tiburon to Marin. Simply turn up with your machine, suitably dashing attire and a jaunty disposition.  Your bicycle need not necessarily be a rarefied antique or a pricy status symbol as long as the spirit of the day is observed.  Needless to say, bowlers, bonnets and berets will be donned.