My colleagues and I have been dismayed by the vast quantity of polemic, disinformation, and Truth through Repetition (TtR) that is rotting the cycling journalism community from within. As a service to the rubes (we simply refuse to use the term ‘folks’ as we find that term to be very patronizing) of the cycling community who seek wisdom in the printed word rather than actual experience, we are launching our own voice in the wilderness, Competitive Randonneuring and Commuting.

  • To highlight the nature of our wisdom the paper will be yellow.
  • To minimize costs and distractions the images provided will be in sepia tone.
  • To maximize the transfer of valuable information we will feature images that are optimized to demonstrate beauty and function that photography simply cannot match.

True, the editorial board is prone to hurtful bickering, bizarre outbursts of song, and lengthy bouts of pouting in silence, but we are certain that we will serve the folks of the cycling community well.


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