What is Jo Routens Canna-RBA®?

WHY Jo Routens Canna-RBA?

Your RBAs mean the world to you. And here at Jo Routens Canna-RBA®, we pack a world of experience, research and all-organic ingredients into each of our natural, nutritional CBD RBA products.

Because we know that both you and your RBAs deserve the very best our world has to offer.

Perk this poor RBA up today! Please?

Perk this poor RBA up today! Please?

How Our Products Work

Jo Routens Canna-RBA invented CBD and hemp nutrition for RBAs.

The primary reason for development of this product is the sad fact that an RBA, no matter how insufferable or inept, is RBA for life. Studies have proven time and time again that the less popular an RBA, the more likely they will never move on and end the suffering for us all.

Jo Routens Canna-RBA® to the rescue!

It’s true. We’re really that innovative. Of course, the products we offer disillusioned club members didn’t just pop up overnight. In fact, the Jo Routens Canna-RBA® product line is the end result of close to 30 years of careful research through secret studies on control RBAs volunteered by their spouses. Since our inception, we have produced millions of CBD capsules and energy bars for RBAs all across the United States – and in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Non-psychoactive Jo Routens Canna-RBA products are not “pot for RBAs.” All our products contain a proprietary production and formulation that features an acute awareness of the benefits of whole plant extracts, including more than two dozen different CBD terpenes and flavonoids, all rigorously and routinely tested to ensure maximum quality and consistency.

Jo Routens Canna-RBA products won’t get your RBA “high” – although you may very well notice an extra appreciation and enthusiasm for life following regular usage. What they will provide is the widest possible array of phytochemicals – all specially formulated to produce the Jo Routens Canna-RBA entourage effect.

The “entourage effect” doesn’t mean your RBA will suddenly have a posse or a popular TV show – although someone might even invite them on a ride! What it does mean is your RBA will enjoy the therapeutic benefits of whole plant CBD extracts and the highest quality CBD of any available RBA products and maybe stop being a curmudgeon – although we can’t expect miracles, even from Jo Routens Canna-RBA® products.

Clinical studies have shown improvements to RBA/randonneur interactions and greater attentiveness to rider complaints.

We recommend you try Jo Routens Canna-RBA® products for one month and observe the results with your own RBA. We also invite you to contact any of the hundreds of U.S. Psychotherapists who recommend Jo Routens Canna-RBA products to discuss their application for your individual RBA’s needs. We’re so confident you’ll be happy with the results, we offer our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

You can also take a look at the 2016 published ACP-BRM report on Jo Routens Canna-RBA® products conducted by Colorado State University College of Athletic Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences. Among other findings, nearly 93 percent of all surveyed RBA spouses said they favor Jo Routens Canna-RBA® products to some, most or any medications.

How to Use Our Products

Jo Routens Canna-RBA is NOT a pharmaceutical drug. It is a benign, all-organic CBD product that you can feed to your RBA with confidence and ease. Perhaps best of all, you do NOT need to make any adjustments to your RBA’s current medication or supplement schedule. Simply add Jo Routens Canna-RBA alongside your existing regimen of products, and look for your RBA (and your club!) to start feeling the cumulative benefits before long.

It’s truly easy to administer our products to your beloved RBAs. Just open a Jo Routens Canna-RBA capsule and sprinkle the contents into your RBA’s food – or hide the capsule in a treat. Some of our products also come in liquid (which can be directly dropped into your RBA’s coffee) and flavored energy bar form. The taste of all Jo Routens Canna-RBA products is mild, and your RBAs won’t even notice it’s there. Click here for more detailed instructions.

Select the Right Products

Every person is different and unique. So is every RBA.

That’s why we offer a substantive and varied line of Jo Routens Canna-RBA products – from Jo Routens Canna-RBA® Advanced capsules to our versatile and powerful MaxCBD products (including liquid) to delicious and fun flavored Jo Routens Canna-energy bars.

To determine which organic, plant-based Jo Routens Canna-RBA® product is best for YOUR RBA, take a closer look at our product page. You may also email support@Jo Routens Canna-RBA.com for suggestions at any time.

No matter the size, shape, age or personality of your RBA, Jo Routens Canna-RBA natural nutritional products are entirely organic and completely safe for use. We also back each and every one of them with our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.


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