Feeling Fat and Slow on Fat tires? It may not be you!

We at Jo Routens are just as susceptible to marketing as the rest of you – we admit it – we have been riding tires that are way too wide and heavy for spirited purposeful riding. Like you, we kept telling ourselves that we could out coast anyone on a downhill, and heck! we are so comfortable now it does not matter.

What a crockafone of shit.

Well fellow intrepid cyclist, you were not feeling fat and slow because you are fat and slow! You felt that way because your tires are fat and slow! Get off the fatties and onto some serious rubber – get on some Jo Routens tires.

At Jo Routens our scientific research has proven all you need are 28mm wide tires just like we had as a fat tire in the 90s. In fact, even that is just a bit too wide so we partnered with artisanal tire manufacturers to develop the best tire size, THE 27.5!

jo routens 27.5c

THE JO ROUTENS 27.5 TIRE! Shown on a top secret prototype carbon/balsawood Jo Routens rim

Be the first in your club to sport the latest in cycling fashion and insider know how – purchase and enjoy the Jo Routens 27.5 today! Ignore those other blogs with their false presumption and non-scientific basis for wide tires – all that crap is based on emotion and cult of personality and not a smidgen of hard science. Purchase freedom and a bit of intelligence (it might rub off onto you) today!

27.5 tires are now available in our Jo Routens webstore.

Cheers! From the purveyors of cycling enjoyment, Jo, Perci, and Rupert


1 thought on “Feeling Fat and Slow on Fat tires? It may not be you!

  1. Daniel Yorba Linda

    Jo, long time reader, first commenter here. Can you extrapolate for me: what is the proper weight and build for a cyclist to achieve maximum downhill coasting speed? Which should be more supple: the cyclist or the tyres?


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