2019 Wordy Stanza epic results in!

eager poets in line to slam and absorb in the early hours of the 2018 Dirty Stanza – image swiped from wikimedia commons without reading how to give credit for the image

We are happy to report that the 2018 Wordy Stanza Poetry Epic was a great success and included the additions of a competitive Social Security class, as well as the Wordy Stanza Poetry Epic, a 350 stanza ‘extra large’ version, in addition to the 200, 100, 50 and 25 stanza offerings. Nearly 2,700 riders were registered from 49 different states and 16 foreign countries across all events. Perci Crockaphonie of Lansing MI won the Wordy Stanza Poetry Epic in a time of 05:10:02, while Ketchum, ID native, and Queen of Pain Rupert Smedeley was the first trans finisher in a time of 28:27:02. Ted King of Mill Valley, CA repeated his 2016 win in the DK200 this year and has now won the event twice in three attempts. Wordy Stanza Poetry Epic and poetry slam rookie, Jean Haiku from Colorado Springs, CO, won the overall women’s title. We are excited to see poetry slam being thrust into the limelight as we have known for quite some time that it is an amazing place to adventure by bike. We are also very clearly motivated to continually push our limits and explore more with the Wordy Stanza Poetry Epic. We think poetry slam , especially here in the Flint Hills of Eastern KS, has an untold potential for bikepacking trips.”

For those who dont have a clue, here is a bit of background on Competitive Randonneuring and Commutings Epic poetry slam extravaganza that has been featured on MSNBC, Fox News and NPR.

The Wordy Stanza Poetry Epic are poetry slam bicycle races held annually during the summer in the Flint Hills of Kansas, starting and ending in the city of Emporia.[3] The race’s organizers refer to the Wordy Stanza Poetry Epic as the “World’s Premiere poetry slam Grinder”[4] Starting in 2006 with dozens of riders, it has grown to 2,750 registered riders in 2019.[5] The winners of the Wordy Stanza Poetry Epic are awarded a belt buckle.[6]

So folks, this year Emporia, KS will host the 14th running of Wordy Stanza Poetry Epic in 2019. The Wordy Stanza Poetry Epic has grown from a single, 200-stanza event with 34 participants to an event weekend offering 6 ride distances ranging from 25-350 stanzas with over 3,000 participants. It truly is the World’s Premier poetry slam Race. With the expansion of the “All Things poetry slam ” Expo, there is truly an opportunity for poetry slam enthusiasts of all abilities and fans alike to enjoy the hospitality of Emporia and experience why the Flint Hills of Eastern Kansas are the ideal location for poetry slam adventures.

cheers, the CRC staff


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