Safety of Supple Tire Pumps Questioned

The Jo Routens supple tire pump can increase the size of your supple tires safely at home, just be sure and read the instructions, thanx

by Perci

Supple tire pumps were invented in 1970’s and they were the first supple tire enlargement devices according to history. Pumps are still popularly used as of today but before you decide to use one, you must know first how this device works and the dangers it may cause. More about the safety questions on supple tire pumps are answered in the following paragraphs. The easiest way to stay safe is to purchase a Jo Routens Supple Tire Plumper, read the instructions, and use the the pump in moderation.

About supple tire pumps

To take a clear view of a supple tire pump for those who have never seen one, it is simply a cylinder which is connected to a vacuum that fits closely over the supple tire. Air is not allowed to enter the tube and if ever air is inside it can be removed by the vacuum pump. The pressure forces the supple tire sauce (available at the Jo Routens web store) so that it fills up the supple tire erectile chambers making the supple tire hold more supple tire sauce than normal so that the plumping of the supple tire is bigger than the normal size. Additionally, the use of the vacuum device continuously is believed to cause permanent enlargement however this speculation is not true, not even with Jo Routens Supple Tires.

Effects of a supple tire pump

The use of a vacuum pump in any part of the inner tube including the supple tire is dangerous. There is a possibility of the tiny capillaries found within all high quality supple tires to become damaged and this may also cause internal bleeding (mechanics slang for internal loss of supple tire sauce). Long term use of a supple tire vacuum pump can lead to permanent damage of these essential capillaries that make supple tires perform the way we enjoy so much.

The positive effects of a supple tire vacuum pump are only temporary. Although it can cause tire plumping and that planing sensation, the planing sensation may lose quality as soon as the vacuum is turned off. Prolonged use of the pump can lessen the supple tire sensitivity to planing and the supple tire can possibly become out of round due to the unregulated nature of the extreme pressure common when the pump is used in a frenzied manner.

The main problem among supple tire pumps is that the amount of pressure optimal for each individual hand made supple tire (as Jo Routens supple tires are, of course) varies. The amount of pressure that is safe for one supple tire is unsafe for other supple tires; much experimentation with optimal pressure is encouraged. In addition there is also a chance that the valve stem may get caught in the vacuum. The high pitched squealing sound caused by this is tormenting to most supple tire aficionados. Beware.

Sidewall failure

The spectre of the dreaded sidewall failure often rears its ugly head the night of the first randonnee. Visualization of a happy ending to the randonnee can often be all that is required for avoiding this troubling and embarrassing failure to perform.

Alternative for supple tire pumps

We at Jo Routens believe that regular use of a supple tire pump is not a safe practice for supple tire enlargement and encourage intrepid cyclists to be satisfied with the size tire they have. At present, there are some modern devices like traction devices for supple tire enlargement that are considered safe and pain-free as long as they are used properly. Supple tire extenders are example of it. These are clinically tested and are especially designed for enlarging the supple tire permanently.

There are many quality devices which have been available in Europe for many years already and which are gaining popularity now in the United States. The reason behind this is because they are safe and effective. So don’t ever risk injury to the most important component of your cycle, which is your supple tire.

The intrepid cyclists utilizing Jo Routens supple tire pumps can relax with the knowledge that the best supple tire enlarging device that is available today and which are clinically proven to increase the supple tire size as much as 30% permanently and safely are available in our webstore.

Make sure that you use a safe supple tire enlarger in order to increase your supple tire size easily, quickly and painlessly. Read the instructions, and be knowledgeable of all the signs of premature loss of supple tire sauce and sidewall failure. Be safe out there folks.

Perci Crockaphone


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