Rusa considers an update to reflective gear standards

In an interest in maintaining the highest standards for safety, RUSA has been testing a new reflective harness for night riding in comfort and safety.
Image-1RUSA has entered into a licensing agreement with a new supplier and is currently considering their options.

‘I have found that wearing the new device to be an exhilarating and freeing experience as I ride off into the unknown of the dark.’ says test rider Rupert Smedeley. ‘the only discomfort I have experienced was when a short occurred in my shorts due to bagbalm softening some of the electrical connections – quite a disturbing shock, to say the least, but we have since sorted out this problem with the supplier.’

An excited Rupert also added: ‘I find the USB charging feature to be most convenient and I find myself utilizing the harness both on and off the bike more and more!’

Asked when the new reflective device would be available to the public, Rupert replied: ‘We are still working on the details and the RUSA graphics but we hope to have them up and in the RUSA store in time for PBP. In the meantime riders hungry for adventure can obtain them from the supplier in Chicago listed above or in various places in San Francisco in the Castro and there is a big discount harness store on Folsom Street that has a good supply of new and used harnesses for the eager riders to possess and enjoy”

Thanks for this important update Rupert!

Ride on!


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