Transform the love of your life (or yourself) with WeatherVane Breeks!

Yes Folks, here it is. Just in time for the holiday season is perhaps your only chance to for love and happiness and it is available in a new pair of WeatherVane Breeks (check out our Webstore!)!

WeatherVane Breeks make anyone sexy

Just as you can transform your tired old randonneuse into a spirited planing machine with the simple addition of WeatherVane Supple Tyres, you can also transform that tired worn out significant other into a dynamic love machine with the simple addition of WeatherVane Breeks! Feel left out and worried about why nobody is responding to your Tinder? Get yourself some WeatherVane Breeks and start fighting them off with a frame pump like a pack of rabid dogs!

BEFORE – boring, tired, slow – I want a divorce!

AFTER – woah! someone hold me back! VAA VAA VOOM! (reflecto sash, spiffy shoes, cell phone and travel mug not included, but certainly help with sex appeal, doncha know)

Run out and purchase several pair for you, your significant other, and other loved ones who need to boost their sex appeal! Available on our WebStore, while supplies and love lasts.

Cheers, from your friends at WeatherVane



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