Can’t afford our new WeatherVane Breeks? Then get this classy Pin!

You say you can’t afford the pricey new WeatherVane Breeks, or perhaps you do have them and absolutely looove them but don’t feel comfortable in those boardroom meetings wearing the finest performance cycling breeks available today? Well, have we got the solution for you!

Purchase our WeatherVane Breeks Pin! Yes! Get a dozen – pass them out, wear them on your lapel at political rallys and shout your ideology in confidence; pin them on your loved ones, and let everyone know the stuff you are full of.

Our artisinally procured and designed pin will satisfy all your vanity needs for the foreseeable future – until we come out with our WeatherVane Bibs, that is

Purchase your WeatherVane Breeks Pin at our webstore today! Not to be confused with our competitors who are pushing squares wearing jorts.


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