Introducing WeatherVane Breeks for the Performance Cyclist

WeatherVane Breeks are equally suited to your spirited rides on MiniVelos, as well as on a fine Randonneuse

Finding the finest cyclewear for your cycling needs is no longer the arduous task of perusing amazon prime! Introducing WeatherVane Breeks the finest cyclewear that will add to your cycling pleasure nearly as much as a packet of illicit oscillating gnome randodecahedrons wiggling around in your trousers!

Our team of researchers have developed the WeatherVane Breeks in such a manner that wearing a pair will lower your randonnee times by 20% or more!

WeatherVane spokesmodel Susan B has this to say: ‘Nothing will improve your comfort on a grand randonnee more than a pair of WeatherVane Breeks! WeatherVane Breeks compare favorably with a 5mm thick layer of bagbalm in your nether regions for overall comfort and cycling pleasure.

Preliminary coast down tests have confirmed superior coasting speeds and corner adhesion while sporting a pair of WeatherVane Breeks!

Purchase WeatherVane Breeks in our webstore today!


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