A Word from our Editorial Board

QB Editorial Board

QB Editorial Board

It appears the Competitlve Randonneuring and Commuting website has been temporarily hijacked by Russian antifeminist fake news propagators. We were out marching and organizing for women’s rights and didn’t notice until now, so to allay any fears about recent content posted on the site, we’d like to share a poem:

The Day Women Cyclists Took Over

There’s something ’bout this day that seem good to me
When cyclists I ain’t like is showin’ love to me
Good food and the mood and the bike lanes is free
Peace and free is the frequency
This is the day women cyclists took over
No longer over your shoulder do you have to look over
Imagine, car is now over
Commuters get medals for being courageous soldiers
On dollars, it’s Paulette Porthault, Jeannie and Lyli
The mayor, the shah is Jacquie P
Hoods feel safer, families feel closer
We all drunk in love with no need to be sober
No more randbro hashtags or mansplaining about tools
We all learn how to fix a flat before we leave grade school
We get high grade Rivet saddles, at the lowest
Prices, we leave all cars lifeless
We puttin’ women on the podium, not behind it again
Even the word supple, we put it out of our minds
Monthly free doses of Motrin and Valerian
For your menstrual, it’s no more minstrel shows
Depictin’ women as ignorant simple hoes
It’s more love songs from the radio
Respect for the ladies who crush it, you can hear it in the flow
Egos aside, for each other we climb
Since they done give us a life, the whole world feel alive

Oh, when women cyclists take over the world
Oh, every woman, boy and girl
Oh, maybe one day, we will see
Peace and unity the way it’s meant to be

In solidarity,
CRC Editorial Board


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