Advertorial: Weathervane Supple Tires

make em salivate with your home made goodness!

WeatherVane tires, the tire that says SUPPLE in all caps!

As an intellectual vibration smack dab in the middle of spectrum, supple tires can be a problem. That’s because there’s so many different supple tires inside of supple tires and each one has a different IQ. There’s the supple tire that should never have happened:
The “stupid supple tire.”
The supple tire that is “supple with envy.”
Then there’s the “so-so supple tire,” the “who-cares-anyway?” supple tire

But somewhere in Supple tires there is a suppleness here and there that has something to say:

A truly intelligent supple tire, a supple tire with some integrity – WeatherVane Supple Tires!

WeatherVane Supple Tires are the kind of supple tires for you and me, just regular folks that like to ride bikes.
There’s a WeatherVane Supple Tire to be seen with: vivid, vibrant, living alive!
We should spend the better part of our time, yours and mine, with a WeatherVane Supple Tire like such as this. Maybe some of the integrity of WeatherVane Supple Tires would rub off on the rest of the cycling world – do your duty to cycling culture today!

Purchase WeatherVane supple tires, the tires with integrity and that special, spirited something TODAY!

available in the CRC webstore along with supple tire sauce


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