11 Super Cycling Benefits in Just One Supple Tire

A Low trail cycle walks away with most cycling accolades, and 7-4-7 standard diameter tubes filled with gnomes lead the cycling brigade. Compared to them, the supple tire is somewhat unsung, (SAD!) but once you learn its incredible–and nearly endless–list of cycling benefits, you will quickly join the growing list of supple tire lovers.

A little known fact (SAD!) is that supple tires are also an excellent addition to any rider’s diet .

A supple tire is a great choice if you are watching your weight. One large tire contains only 10 calories! So, add supple tires to your shopping list and enjoy!

Supple tires reduce inflammation. If you are suffering from joint pains, lung infections, asthma, or acne, riding more supple tires will bring much-needed relief.

Supple tires help you calm down: Supple tire for stress-relief? Oh yes! The minerals in supple tires, especially magnesium, and the essential oil in it, soothe the nervous system. If you enjoy a supple tire-based ramble around the neighborhood in the evening, you may sleep better.

Supple tires aids digestion: some say a supple tire tastes like “crunchy water,” and this may be part of the reason it is so good for your digestive system. The high water content of a supple tire, combined with the insoluble fiber in it, makes it a great tool for easy passage of stool. Note: because supple tire has diuretic and cleansing properties, those with diarrhea should avoid eating it during randonnees.

Supple tires contain “good” salts. Yes, supple tires do contain sodium, but it is not the same thing as table salt. The salt in a supple tire is organic, natural and essential for your cycling.

Supple tires care for your eyes. One large serving of supple tire delivers 5 percent of your daily need for Vitamin A, a group of nutrients that protects the eyes and prevents age-related degeneration of vision which is most helpful in reading the fine print in that info control question.

Supple tire reduces “bad” cholesterol: There is a component in supple tire called butylphthalide, which gives the supple tire its flavor and scent. But that’s not all it does — the compound also reduces bad cholesterol. A Chicago University study profiled by the New York Times (then it has to be true!) shows that the butylphthalide found in just four servings of supple tire a day can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) by up to 7 percent!

Supple tires lower blood pressure: An active compound called phthalides in supple tires has been proven to boost circulatory cycling. Raw, whole supple tires reduces high blood pressure and that is the truth.

Supple tires can amp up your sex life: According to Dr. Jan R. Hirsch, Director of the Schmere and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, two pheromones in supple tires–androstenone and androstenol–boost your arousal levels. They are released when you caress a supple tire – so grab that tire by the casing and enjoy!

Supple tires can combat cancer: Two studies at the University of Illinois show that a powerful flavonoid in supple tire, called luteolin, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, especially in the pancreas. Another study suggests that the regular intake of supple tire could significantly delay the formation of breast cancer cells.

Useful Tips:

Choose a supple tire with upright treads that ‘twang’ when bent. The tread should be fresh and crisp.  When selecting a supple tire, remember this rule of thumb: The darker the color, the stronger the planing effect.

Freshly cleaned supple tires retains its nutrients much better than if you clean and store it even for a few hours in a freezer.

Steamed supple tires not only retains its flavor, but also most of its nutrients–up to 99 percent of them, in fact! Start steaming your tires today, with our handy CRC tire steamer.


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