RUSA Board quietly cancells logo contest

Earlier this month the RUSA board closed these search for a new look and a new logo for the venerable organization. The announcement was greeted with a mixed response outside a coffee shop frequented by RUSA members in Oakland CA.



CRC staff member Perci Crockaphone interviewed locals over a steaming mug of half-calf, almond milk, full fat with some sprinkles of that cinnamon stuff starting with coffee shop regular and P-12 specialist, Megan.

Perci: Megan, are you dissapointed to learn that RUSA cancelled the new logo contest?

Megan: Logo contest? I was not aware of a contest, I mean that RUSA logo is pretty simplistic, but par for the course for a volunteer run organization. I am not surprised they could not find a compelling alternative design at a low cost.

Next interviewed was a chubby old guy in hi-vis who wished to remain anonymous.

Perci: Howabout that RUSA logo contest being cancelled?

Chubby old guy in hi-vis: WTF? They couldn’t improve on that old logo? Jeeze – I bet they got a lot of really useful ideas and great tips, just like I send off to the RUSA Board in my daily email to em, and just decided to shelve them. The RUSA board can be so frustrating to active minded members such as myself. Why this reminds me of the time when I saw that UFO on the SFR 1000k on day three. I felt the incident and resulting hospital and therapy clearly called for an update to the rules, but my pleas were shouted down in committee. Damn disappointing.

RUSA officials have denied that there was a lack of attendance and participation in the logo contest, claiming that this contest was the ‘biggest ever to take place, ever’, blaming the liberal media for false claims, and suggested that we all follow them on twitter @THEREALRUSA were they can get the truth in all caps, 24 hrs a day.


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