RUSA Board mulls over framebag user registration

The RUSA board on Wednesday appeared to stand by plans to establish a registry for framebag users and temporarily ban framebag users from participating in RUSA events.

“A statistical analysis of RUSA complaint hotline messages and facebook and instagram posts have found that framebag users are more likely to make ‘helpful hints’ about finish venue snack selections, club logo designs, and complain about the RUSA website.”

Individuals similar to this one threaten to change RUSA forever!

Individuals similar to this one threaten to change RUSA forever! image swiped from the interwebs without asking

Speaking outside the luxurious RUSA headquarters in Florida, RUSA board members did not walk back the proposals after they were asked by a reporter whether they were rethinking or reevaluating them in the wake of a fresh new year of randonnees – some that include mixed terrain.

A year ago, in a statement, the RUSA board said they wanted a “total and complete shutdown of framebag users entering RUSA events until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” The board further added “Framebag users, however, are encouraged to volunteer at RUSA events – we sorely need the help.”

The proposal was sharply criticized by saddlebag users and handlebar bag users alike.

But given an opportunity on Wednesday to clarify remarks, the RUSA board suggested that no clarifications were needed, but that we still need volunteers to run RUSA events.

The framebag issue is the source of anxiety for framebag users and advocates across the United States. Framebag user George Smith explains: “First everyone at the RUSA events won’t leave me alone always pestering me with questions about my framebag, and now they want to ban me! I just don’t understand.”

In response to other questions from reporters outside the luxurious RUSA headquarters, the board declined to comment, but urged followers to check twitter for the truth in the matter, and links to volunteering opportunities.


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