Haute Couture Gilet Announced for PBP 2015

The official gilet of PBP 2015 was revealed at a red carpet and black tie affair in Paris at ACP headquarters on the evening of Monday, May 25th. Select invitees included representatives from Audax UK, RUSA, Audax Japan and BC Randonneurs, among other high profile randonneuring organizations.

gilet noir-2

In a big change for PBP 2015 it was announced that mascots must also wear a gilet at the appropriate times as defined in the regulations. ACP said that they will enforce this rule to ensure the safety of all participants. Riders who wish to bring a mascot are advised to find an EN1150 compliant reflective vest for their mascot as ACP will not be providing gilets to mascots, only officially registered riders.

gilet pbp bear mascot-

In 2011 many particpants of the 17th Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur expressed dismay with what they deemed to be a reasonably functional gilet but mediocre in style. Expectations were high. After all, it is Paris.

It seems the ACP listened to rider feedback and have brought a bit of haute couture to the official gilet of the 18th Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur.

And now without further ado Competitive Randonneuring and Commuting is proud to present the official reflective gilet of PBP 2015!


See you in Paris!!



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