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Recommended Reading: The Competitive Randonneuring and Commuting Blog Roll

Weary Reader, pause a moment beside me and pour yourself a posset. No, nothing is more tiring than trolling the intewebs for enlightenment and chuckles.

So you find yourself continually sifting the sands in the arid desert of the smartphone sahara for a drop of worthy writing, a splash of original humour, or even an ounce of proper scientific research into the whys and wherefores of sophisticated artful and inspired competitive commuting and randonneuring, only to find ashes, dung, and the dry jawbone of an ass?

To assist and direct you in your quest for proper thoughts, philosophies, and spending habits we have developed the Competitive Randonneuring and Commuting Blog Roll!

Upload these blog links into your web-reader of choice and never be at a loss for enlightenment and entertainment while waiting in line at Mission Chinese or at Terminal 2 at SFO. Cheers!


ACP Randonneuring History Page

The joy of fine lugs


Hot Posset Porn

Simple Supple Bicycle Recipes for Home Use

Hot Pocket Aficionado

For Adults Only

big tires means a big…

Scientific Research

Graphing the Bike

Cycling Frugality Quarterly

Cycling Skills

Randonneur like a Pro!


Men’s Cycling Health Monthly

Famous Insane Randonneurs

F.N. Lance

Dear Nina Daily

Cycle Testing

Townie Central

Fine Cycling Luggage

Cycling Poets





Cycling Footwhere

Loud Browny Alert

Red Pumps Rule

Cycling Activism

London Dispatch

The Feminist Cyclist

Cycling Documentary Commentary