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Raid Rivendell Rummage Sale: What I carried in my bag

Make me an offer - I really don't need any of this crap.

Make me an offer – I really don’t need any of this crap.

Author: Perci Crockaphone

As a service to all intrepid competitive Randonneurs, Commuters, Shoppers, and Bloggers I Perci Crockaphoni am chronicling the items that I carried on my Raid on Rivendell in my bags. I braved a veritable sea of medium height dudes wearing wool and crocks with socks (lug footed bugs everywhere!) to snatch these items. Total outlay of cash ~$140.

  1. Random housing and cables, plus an old side pull brake
  2. merino wool legwarmers, four pair (one pair swiped by BF)
  3. ultegra long cage
  4. ultegra sealed headset
  5. bungie net
  6. suntour brake levers (cyclone level)
  7. superbe pro left retrofriction lever
  8. chain drop preventer
  9. steel tange levin headset
  10. water proof bag
  11. musa pants
  12. bar gel pads (all swiped by BF)
  13. TA zephyr right crank arm
  14. musa khakis
  15. mills khakis (2nd pair swiped by BF)
  16. teflon cable set
  17. not pictured: shimano ‘500’ centerpull long reach brake
  18. ‘keep on bikin’ patch not for sale

Bon Route! Perci