WANTED: Stoker for PBP 2015

Tandem experience not required. Must be clean and sober, NS/ND. Must be able to take instructions. Me: former Super Randonneur, 5’5″, pretty good condition but trying to lose a little weight (still need to lose another 50 lbs).  Tried PBP solo and DNF’d in 2007 (rained out) and 2011 (wimped out). Wheel sucking is too hard. Let’s do it together in 2015! You:  Strong like ox, responsive to my commands. PBP Ancien preferred but not necessary. The ideal candidate will have completed a full Super Randonneur BRM brevet series (ACP sanctioned) in 2014. Bonus points for completion of a BRM 1000km or longer in 2014. No games, no kinky stuff and no psychos. Submit resume to “StokeMe@PBP” care of CRC.

Editor’s Note:  As a result of falling subscriptions and a dearth of commercial sponsorship, CRC has started a Classified Advertisement section. You may now submit personal ads, help wanted ads, for sale ads, etc. for a nominal fee.


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