What I think about when I am out on a long ride

People are often shocked to learn that not only do I ride a bike, but that I ride a bike to go places that are far away without the aid of an electronic device. What do you do? How can you survive without sucking on the teat of technology, insta-texting and face-flckring with a couple of earbuds feeding hip-pop-rap to relieve you from the crushing  banality of the moment?

thinking deep thoughts while on the brompton

thinking deep thoughts while on the brompton

I reply simply that I think about things. What things? I dunno, stuff. As a public service on a recent brace of spirited competitive commuting on my Brompton, I recorded the items that I thought about and here they are:

How long has my fly been open and why is it open?

Am I the only one that thinks those cars with the pink mustaches are ‘mustache rides’?

Will the US government ever apologize to Iraq for not finding weapons of mass destruction?

Why are banking and insurance referred to as industries?

Did the Google protesters give up their gmail accounts? Do they use bing instead of Google Maps? Are they all Academy of Art students?

When someone says ‘I could not live without my: (car, computer, cell phone, tv, puppy, etc.) would they really die if the object were taken away? Is it wrong to hope so?

Can those guys on the Harleys read the words on each other’s vests?

Why is someone considered to be manly if they need a huge truck or huge loud motorcycle to haul their fat ass around? Seems to me they are compensating for some deficiency here.

Did Jan Hiene ghostwrite his son’s review of the Islabike?

Is there really a better name for a bird than BushTit?

Is the Park Service completely overrun by ball busting dykes, or are they simply a majority?

Why do religious people always confuse belief and fact? Doesn’t calling a belief a fact diminish faith?

How many people believe Jesus was a white guy that spoke English?

When will all the products start being sent to me to review for my blog?

When is Anchor going to put California Lager in a can?

Will this ride ever end?

Hope not.

Cheers, Chapeau, and Regards, Percephone Crockaphone Editor


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