Monthly Archives: December 2013

Lifestyles change, and so do we

Avast Folks!

We of Randonneur Poet Gastronome, through many therapy sessions, group interventions and self help meetings have come to the realization that we need to change our life course once again and bring to you folks more inspiration about what we do best – Competitive bicycle Commuting and Competitive Randonneuring.

While we are finding ourselves during this time of change, please entertain yourselves by visiting our sister publications, Child Champion Cyclocross and Ultralight Xtreme Fatbiking.

You folks may also be interested in the deep thoughts presented by The Perpetual Cyclotourist, which features the top five things to mumble before you get kicked out of the hiker biker, four things to do to keep people from realizing that you haven’t stopped touring between Port Orford and Bodega Bay since 1989, and three time tested techniques on masking body odor.