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Authors: Jayne Hinie and Gram Pettitfog

Peer reviewer: Yobst the shorter, wheel and cycle handling technician, UBI graduate 1953

It has come to our recent attention that a charlatan who claims special knowledge of cycles has strewn their blog with untruths and half falsehoods.

Avoid this blog at all costs!

Read RPG religiously – where else will you keep abreast of where we are transporting our full custom cycles, and our old dusty favourites?



New Randonneur-Poet Gastronome Issue Preview!

Hear about my son’s intrepid adventures in Cyclo-cross!

Get up and ride dammit!

Get up and ride dammit!

  • Read about how Robert Pineapple forces his son to perform in a sport Robert is mediocre in!
  • tips on bullying your child with guilt and fine bicycles
  • best practices for picking fights and protesting the winners on the course

Read about my crappy old bike and how they just don’t make’em like they used to!

don't laugh, it is paid for, full chrome, and still works

don’t laugh, it is paid for, full chrome, and still better than your bike

  • I will prove through research data that my crappy old bike is still better than yours.

Article on marginally better new lights to convince you that you need em!

lightster, light up my life!

lightster, light up my life!

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