Information Management for Randonneurs: An Interview with Trevor Martin Isinglas (TMI)

Tired of constantly sifting the wheat from the chaff within the Google Group? Finding it hard to encounter fine prose outside the confines of Randonneur-Poet Gazette and instead finding the putrid excrescences of the vapid populating the posts? We at Randonneur-Poet Gazette have enlisted the aid of an expert from the Telephony Management Institute (TMI) Trevor Martin Isinglas (TMI).

RPG: TMI from TMI, what to do?

TMI: Why I am glad you asked. Well, first I recommend that one only look to any single Google Group intermittently, say only on days that start with the letter ‘L’. The letter ‘L’ is easy to remember because it represents ‘list’. People who look at the list all of the time are akin to those teeny-boppers on the sidewalk that have their nose stuck in their dad’s borrowed smart phone. They aren’t texting their ennui, they are checking the number of views that their ‘me too’ post to the Group has received. Sad.

RPG: TMI, that is good advice and perhaps more than we wanted to know, but is there any sort of remedy for preventing ‘me too’ posts?

TMI: Well, no. But a quick search of a random Google Group resulted in this intriguing find (scroll up two posts) In short, the genius proposed the following:

In repayment to the respective randonneuring club for each post to a
randonneuring google group the poster should be required to volunteer
for an event. One post to the google group, work one event.

Data could be collected and tallied and posted to a ‘who has
volunteered’ web page on the club website prior to each randonnee,
along with an automatic email to each google group poster informing
them of the volunteer position they have volunteered for by posting.

I am sure we can get someone to volunteer to create the database and
the automatic ‘you have volunteered to volunteer’ email. The
assignments could be randomly assigned using an algorithm that
automatically determines the appropriate volunteer assignment based on
the post content, grammar, spelling, number of additional posts
generated by original post, and the use of emoticons.

The results of the volunteer assignments would be posted to the SFR
website in addition to the rider results. I am sure someone can
volunteer to create this ‘who has volunteered’ web page, the
assignment algorithm and tallying the volunteering results. Please
post your willingness to help your club help you.

I could write a few lines in Python and you’d be set. It will only cost RGP $50,000 US. What do you say?

RPG: Thank you TMI, we will bring it up at the next editorial board meeting.


8 thoughts on “Information Management for Randonneurs: An Interview with Trevor Martin Isinglas (TMI)

    1. randonneur-poet gazette Post author

      Ahem, Randonneuring is much, much, much more that simply riding a cycle. There is the research, the musing, the pouting, the poetry, the gesturing, the singing, the polishing, the prose, the cookery, and, and the napping.
      Excuse me, it is time for my late-morning involuntary nap. ZZzzzzzzz. z.


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