7 Habits of Highly Successful Randonneur-Poseurs™

Here at RPG it’s not unusual for new, would be randonneur-poseurs to contact us seeking advice.   The more experienced RPs are familiar with the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Randonneur-Poseurs™.  If “more experienced” describes you, then please bear with us as we share the following for the benefit of the newb’s. Let’s face it—all of us were newbie randonneur-poseurs at one time. Besides, it never hurts to review the 7 habits. Without further ado, the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Randonneur-Poseurs™:

  1. Stop!  Make long stops.  Find a couch and call it your own.  Get comfortable.  The cushier the better!
  2. Eat and drink lots.  Whatever you want, whenever you want…the more the better!
  3. Sleep as much as possible.  (Remember…the rules allow you to start the brevet up to 1 hour after the official starting time).
  4. Wear the right kit …at the coffee shop and at the brew pub.  Know when to put it on and when to take it off, if you know what I mean…(wink, wink).
  5. No veggies!  It’s booze, beef and cigarettes…all the time, baby.
  6. Suck wheel.  Exceptions: the first hour and when approaching city limit signs. Take it!
  7. Strut your stuff.   Talk it up!  Show ’em what you got!


That’s all there is to it.  See, it’s easy.  You can do it!

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6 thoughts on “7 Habits of Highly Successful Randonneur-Poseurs™

    1. Elmar Fuddd

      screw you frEddy – that’s my stache, the same one I have been working on since I was eleven.

  1. Eddy Marx

    Elmar, be honest with us. The moustache in that picture is over ten times the size and bushiness of yours. And as for you, Lance, once you stop shaving your legs (and face) a nice wool kit will be here waiting for you…after you answer a few questions.


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