Announcing Randonneur Poseur Guide

Welcome to RPG, our new life-style choice which is an acknowledgement of the actuality behind our posturing and gesticulating at a true understanding of the multi-use path to happiness.  VVCQ was admittedly a bad decision on our part, one we deeply apologize to you folks for – but you never know what lifestyle choice is correct for the moment until you adopt it!

The editorial board’s collective self-esteem was dealt a mighty blow during our fall into the dens of recumbent splendor, one that drove Rock and Nina to an untimely and uncomfortable estrangement. Not only did our love birds end up screeching and scratching, the disharmony extended to the editorial board as well, none of whom got laid during our foray into recumbent riding. In addition, we developed strange calluses on our lower back region that interfered with our suspenders and our couch time.

Metacognate with us, dreaming up correct postures of explosive and ecstatic randonneur phantasm with RPG! Join hands with us as we traverse the multi-use path of self-actuality across the land!

Please note the cost of our lifestyle choices is increasing, thus the new price of $11.50 per issue. This price is still much cheaper than our sister publication, Rolleur-Poseur which is $60 an issue. Thank you all in advance for the support of all you folks so we can continue to provide truth, understanding, and the best poses for your individual needs.

Posture talking points and future inquiries that will be featured in future Randonneur Poseur Guide issues:

How light a bike is needed for proper use of a roof rack?

Nutrition for Metacogition – high powered brain food for high powered thinking.

Influence of Google Glasses on speed wobbles – threat or menace?

Road test of Ikea couch models to establish benchmarks for co-plaining, metacognition and napping.

Mustache, Beard or Both?

Wool and Seersucker care guide for the style conscious poseur in all of us.


4 thoughts on “Announcing Randonneur Poseur Guide

  1. Doctor Laura

    Please tell me Rock and Nina are back on good terms with each other. I can’t stand the thought of them fighting.


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