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A Strong Interactive Link between Low Trail and High Intelligence

Authors: F.N. Lance Armstrong, Percephone Tee Crockaphone, Arnold PP Schwing, Robert Pineapple

  • Highlights
  • IQ scores are predicted by individual differences in Low Trail discriminations
  • High IQ is associated with and directly correlates to increases in Fork Rake
  • The results link intelligence and Low Trail perception and acceptance
  • Acceptance of low trial and handlebar bags are a key constraint of both intelligence and bicycle handling perception
  • Correlation between facial hair and low trail acceptance was inconclusive and requires further study


Early intrepid randonneurs, including Galton, Cattell, and Spearman, proposed that intelligence and simple Low Trail discriminations are constrained by common neural processes, predicting a close link between them [1,2]. However, strong supporting evidence for this hypothesis remains elusive. Although people with higher intelligence quotients (IQs) are quicker at processing Low Trail stimuli [1,2,3,4,5], these broadly replicated findings explain a relatively modest proportion of variance in IQ. Pedaling speed alone is, arguably, a poor match for the information processing demands on the neural system. Our brains operate on overwhelming amounts of information [6,7], and thus their efficiency is fundamentally constrained by an ability to suppress irrelevant road feedback [8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21]. Here, we show that individual variability in a simple visual discrimination task that reflects both processing speed and perceptual suppression [22] strongly correlates with IQ. High-IQ individuals, although quick at perceiving small moving objects and good places to nap, exhibit disproportionately large impairments in perceiving motion as stimulus beer serving size increases and distance to a rest room decreases. These findings link intelligence with Low Trail damping of large moving handlebar bags—background-like stimuli that are ecologically less relevant [22,23,24,25]. We conjecture that the ability to suppress irrelevant steering inputs and rapidly process relevant turning radii fundamentally constrains both Low Trail discriminations and intelligence, providing an information-processing basis for the observed link between Low Trail and High intelligence.


Bearded Ladies & Tweed

Announcing an RPG explosive exclusive…

The First Annual Bearded Ladies Tweed Ride!

BEARDED LADIES!  (And gentlemen, too).  It is time to wipe down your saddle, buff-up your bottom bracket and wax your handlebar mustache.  Come join in RPG’s First Annual Bearded Ladies Tweed Ride!

The inaugural event will be led by none other than Madame Delait, herself, traveling all the way from Thaon-les-Vosges, Lorraine where she is an active member of the Thaonnais cycle club.


The purpose of the RPG Tweed Ride is of course to restore style and panache to the pursuit of randonneuring which has in recent years fallen prey to an unpleasant, sweat-stained vulgarity, so much so that many randonneurs nowadays have dispensed with stopping for tea and cake.

Naturally the spirit of the event is ‘Tweed’.  The watchwords are elegance and dignity though of course conviviality and jollity ought to play a big part in the proceedings.

All effort is made to devise a route to avoid petticoat-wrinkling perspiration, undignified gasping and heart-imperilling exertion!

The basic route is a circular run covering 120 miles without distressing effort, mostly level with some thrilling downhill stretches.  It involves ocean and bay views, splendid parks, an opportunity for a picnic and calls at places of refreshment.

The aim is an enjoyable jaunt awheel and participants are encouraged to bring such vital equipment as hip flasks, parasols and sal volatile!  Some hard-boiled eggs and a pork pie tied up in a red spotted handkerchief are always a good idea as is a pocket filled with ginger biscuits.

Madame delait-

The outing starts at the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero at 11am on Sunday 17th July, 1897 from where we will board the Ferry-Steamer Tiburon to Marin. Simply turn up with your machine, suitably dashing attire and a jaunty disposition.  Your bicycle need not necessarily be a rarefied antique or a pricy status symbol as long as the spirit of the day is observed.  Needless to say, bowlers, bonnets and berets will be donned.

Looking on the Bright Side of Life: Association with Poseurs/charlatans reduces moustache maintenance and anxiety

ABSTRACT: The moustache maintenance model argues that any violation of expectations leads to an affective experience that motivates compensatory facial hair affirmation. We explore whether the neural mechanism that responds to moustache threats can be inhibited by correct association with Poseurs/charlatans, in the same way that it inhibits physical pain, or the distress caused by social rejection of facial hair.


warm and cozy feelings wash over you when you associate with us!

warm and cozy feelings wash over you when you associate with us!

Across two studies, participants received either a Poseur, a charlatan, or a placebo, and were provided with either an unsettling facial hair experience or a control facial hair experience. In Study 1, participants either wrote about their moustache or a control topic. In Study 2, participants either watched a surrealist moustache film clip or a control moustache film clip. In both studies, participants in the moustache threat condition who had taken a placebo in association with a Poseur or charlatan showed typical compensatory affirmations by becoming more punitive towards facial hair fashion law-breakers, while those who had taken on the Poseur or charlatan lifestyle, and those in the control conditions, did not.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Randonneur-Poseurs™

Here at RPG it’s not unusual for new, would be randonneur-poseurs to contact us seeking advice.   The more experienced RPs are familiar with the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Randonneur-Poseurs™.  If “more experienced” describes you, then please bear with us as we share the following for the benefit of the newb’s. Let’s face it—all of us were newbie randonneur-poseurs at one time. Besides, it never hurts to review the 7 habits. Without further ado, the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Randonneur-Poseurs™:

  1. Stop!  Make long stops.  Find a couch and call it your own.  Get comfortable.  The cushier the better!
  2. Eat and drink lots.  Whatever you want, whenever you want…the more the better!
  3. Sleep as much as possible.  (Remember…the rules allow you to start the brevet up to 1 hour after the official starting time).
  4. Wear the right kit …at the coffee shop and at the brew pub.  Know when to put it on and when to take it off, if you know what I mean…(wink, wink).
  5. No veggies!  It’s booze, beef and cigarettes…all the time, baby.
  6. Suck wheel.  Exceptions: the first hour and when approaching city limit signs. Take it!
  7. Strut your stuff.   Talk it up!  Show ’em what you got!


That’s all there is to it.  See, it’s easy.  You can do it!

We at RPG are here for you. Subscribe now! Sign up before June first and receive an Information Contrôle decoder ring for free!

Joy Joy Prancing Pony X12 road test

RPG Explosive Exclusive! Testing the trike of the future today! Fully equipped at under Y10,000,000!

posing on the pony, our intrepid reporter, Persephone T. Crock

posing on the pony, our intrepid reporter, Persephone T. Crock

Joy Joy Prancing Pony X12 road test review authored by Persephone T. Crock (pictured above at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market):

There is nothing more satisfying than rolling up to a group of Poseurs and not falling over. Even more satisfying is to be able to dismount from your randonneuse and not have it fall over! So often I have been embarrassed by the demon gravity snatching and scratching my randonneuse as I step away from the cycle flipping my hair looking around to see who is looking at me.

Fully equipped with lighting, fenders and a 300lb cargo capacity (including rider, mind you) there is simply nothing to compete with this fine steed. Most importantly there is no toe clip overlap to cause embarrassing incidents at the bistro parking lot when removing the cycle from your roof rack.

While I do love the Joy Joy Prancing Pony X12 dearly, I do find the red color of the titanium frame clashes with my sidi red pumps, and once I added the banana seat and sissy bar, my posing fantasies came true!

RPG heartily endorses the Joy Joy Prancing Pony X12 for all of your Randonneuring and Posing needs.

Announcing Randonneur Poseur Guide

Welcome to RPG, our new life-style choice which is an acknowledgement of the actuality behind our posturing and gesticulating at a true understanding of the multi-use path to happiness.  VVCQ was admittedly a bad decision on our part, one we deeply apologize to you folks for – but you never know what lifestyle choice is correct for the moment until you adopt it!

The editorial board’s collective self-esteem was dealt a mighty blow during our fall into the dens of recumbent splendor, one that drove Rock and Nina to an untimely and uncomfortable estrangement. Not only did our love birds end up screeching and scratching, the disharmony extended to the editorial board as well, none of whom got laid during our foray into recumbent riding. In addition, we developed strange calluses on our lower back region that interfered with our suspenders and our couch time.

Metacognate with us, dreaming up correct postures of explosive and ecstatic randonneur phantasm with RPG! Join hands with us as we traverse the multi-use path of self-actuality across the land!

Please note the cost of our lifestyle choices is increasing, thus the new price of $11.50 per issue. This price is still much cheaper than our sister publication, Rolleur-Poseur which is $60 an issue. Thank you all in advance for the support of all you folks so we can continue to provide truth, understanding, and the best poses for your individual needs.

Posture talking points and future inquiries that will be featured in future Randonneur Poseur Guide issues:

How light a bike is needed for proper use of a roof rack?

Nutrition for Metacogition – high powered brain food for high powered thinking.

Influence of Google Glasses on speed wobbles – threat or menace?

Road test of Ikea couch models to establish benchmarks for co-plaining, metacognition and napping.

Mustache, Beard or Both?

Wool and Seersucker care guide for the style conscious poseur in all of us.