You are priced out forever…

You’re Priced Out Forever as we speak!

Fig. 1 – Vintage Constructeur Bicycle Prices

If you are a prospective first-time buyer of a vintage constructeur bicycle, you know that it is virtually impossible today to find an affordable René Herse or Alex Singer. Just when you think you have found the perfect 650b randonneur in your size or that vintage fixer-upper in your price range, someone sweeps in with a sniper bid $5000 over your offer and it’s back to square one.

To make matters worse, the price of vintage constructeur bicycles these days just keeps going up and up (see Fig. 1). Sure, prices may have moderated here and there, but everyone knows overall prices have begun to skyrocket once again.

That’s why now it’s too late to buy a René Herse or an Alex Singer or even a Jo Routens. You missed your last chance to buy and now you’re priced out forever.

But wait…don’t despair! It’s still not too late to buy a vintage recumbent!   Hardly anyone knows about the constructeurs from the golden age of hand built recumbents.  That’s why we, the editors here at QB, have decided to change the direction of our publication. We are proud to announce our lovely new daily, Vintage Vélo-Couché Quotidien, bringing you the best of the ‘bents from bygone days.

And now…for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple sample images from upcoming issues. Don’t wait…Subscribe to VVCQ today!

velo horizontal-1090530 vélocar-vélo horizontal-1090524


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