QB Asks – What are your goals for this Randonneuring Cycle?

With every new cycle of the Randonneuring calendar comes new goals that we set for ourselves. The QB editorial staff assembled in the QB atelier studio at Rue 28 Bo-fax has compiled a lofty set of goals for our reading folks to become inspired with and perhaps emulate as well. Please share your own goals in the comments section.

Goal #1: Ensure the snack selection at each control includes four flavours of ruffles and two of Doritos, and is not leftovers from last year’s randonnee.

Goal #2: Try that shrimp flavoured cup of noodles at the finish control.

Goal #3: Not mix up the dirty pile of cycling clothes with the clean pile (subgoal – devise a reliable test for separating clean from dirty clothes that does not involve the sniff test)

Goal #4: Try those extra supple tires we keep reading about.

Goal #5: Remember to bring our a. water bottles, b. gps, c. gps batteries, d. reflective gear, e. rain jacket, f. helmet, g. wallet, h. pump, i. spare tube, j. patch kit, k. blinky light, l. cycle shoes, m. inspirational photo instead of cue sheet, n. cue sheet, o. home breathalyzer kit, p. All of the above.

Goal #6: Devise a scientifically reliable test to assess if what we happen to be doing at that moment qualifies as doing ‘stupid stuff’.

Goal #7: Stop asking our riding buddies a. what time is it, b. how far to the next control, c. how much climbing is in this randonnee?, d. are you going to eat that?, e. All of the above.

Goal #8: Complete an SR series on a Schwinn Suburban (a green one), while wearing a tweed outfit and smoking a pipe, and blog about it.

Goal #9: Develop an optimal gear chart for each randonnee and compare it to actual gear usage, develop a spread sheet comparing cog wear to chain wear and use it to develop an eyephone app to tell you when you need to change your chain, and further develop a live weather feed to tell you when you need to lube a chain because nobody has time to check their chain wear or lube that squeaky chain because, we are, like, blogging and stuff.


4 thoughts on “QB Asks – What are your goals for this Randonneuring Cycle?

  1. Chip Seal

    Talk more about gear ratios and lighting. Too many randos just want to speak of food and speculate vapidly as to when Ensure will finally come out with a pomegranate flavour.

  2. Nerauk R.

    Has the QB editorial staff discussed a possibility to add the goal of being an attentive randonneur? That would include spotting big predatory cats and wild boars allong the route

    1. quarterlybicycle Post author

      Nerauk R. Thank you so much for your question. To answer your question, don’t be silly – our goals are realistic, and we need to instagram and tweet every sweet moment of every sweet randonnee – and everyone sees big predatory cats and wild boars on all of our randonees. Booooring.

      1. Rock H. Burkhardt

        Nerauk, consider your request on the agenda for the next editorial board meeting at the QB atelier studio


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