Les cyclos fil-de-féristes

Introducing the Cyclos fil-de-féristes Award

Les Cyclos fil-de-féristes is a new group formed to appeal to riders who desire to go not just farther and faster, but higher – on a wire!

The brevet cyclo fil-de-fériste à vélo is a high-wire event counting towards the award of Cyclo-fil-de-fériste (CFF) issued by the Fil-de-fériste cylcotouristes (FFCT).  Cyclists who have successfully completed a trek selected in each of the four prescribed distances and heights are eligible for the CFF award.  The events cover distances of 0,010 to 280 km at a height between 5 and 30 meters. Note: for some of the longer distances it may be necessary to ride on telephone wires. (Riding on high voltage power lines is not recommended, for obvious reasons).

When registering, riders can choose between two standard options:
Tourist: In this category the use of a safety line is allowed.
Freestyle: No safety line!

The CFF award takes its inspiration from the cascadeurs (acrobats) who performed at Fête des Caf’ conc’ events in the first half of the 20th century. The event, roughly translated as “Café concert celebration,” would take place in a vélodrome where bicycles and bicycling featured prominently.  The photograph above was taken at a Fête des Caf’ conc’ in September 1910 at the Vélodrome Buffalo located near the Porte de Maillot de Paris. It shows cascadeur Morris Abbins riding the high-wire.

20130303velodrome buffalo 1907-Vélodrome Buffalo 1907

Here’s another photograph of Vélodrome Buffalo (Wikipeida commons). This one shows the 1907 running of the Bol d’Or, a 24 hour endurance race.  Hmm…how about those wires at the top of the photo…

If you have earned the CFF award, you can apply for it online by sending an email message to lovely Quarterly Bicycle. Once approved, a medal will be available for purchase at nominal cost.

We hope that some of you are up to the CFF challenge. Come join the fun. The views are fantastic!


One thought on “Les cyclos fil-de-féristes

  1. P. T. Crock Sr.

    Where are the Helmets on these riders!? I come home from a long arduous day at work and all 9 of my demon rug rat children are up on the clothes line with my Boulder Bicycles Randonneuse! Without a helmet! When I ask the hellions what they are up to while not wearing proper protection, they cite Quarterly Bicycle! Thanks for reversing years of guilt tripping my kids into wearing helmets with a single thoughtless article. QB please do some serious self examination – seriously.


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