Remembering the 2016 Paris-Dakar-Paris

Today we take a sentimental look back at the 2016 edition of the Paris-Dakar-Paris Super Grand Randonnée.  Rare film footage of the event was recently uncovered. This short film documents a nervous mass of participants at the starting line, immediately before and after the off. Judging from the scenery, it looks as though this could have been one of the occasions when PDP started at the Bois de Boulogne. Randonneurs can be seen stuffing themselves with last minute calories. We feel their tension. The first ones across the starting line, the coureurs, are of course the fastest. The later starters take a somewhat more leisurely approach. The film even captures spectators watching the excitement. It is our pleasure to share it with you today. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Remembering the 2016 Paris-Dakar-Paris

  1. Arnold P. Schwinng

    That is me at the start sporting the jaunty green stripe across my jersey signifying my membership in the exclusive club, Velocipedes Montagnards! Freeking dude with tri-bars crashed me out in the first 50km. I have never been so devastated. Thank you for opening those wounds once again.

  2. Jack

    This is the best of the many PDP start videos that litter the net. How do I know this? Because I can still remember back to that day in 2016 when we offed. That’s me with the green stripe on my wool Rapha jersey.


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